The Artist

Melinda Gopp began to explore the world of art in 2001. After years of visiting art museums in New York and San Francisco as well as galleries and museums in Charleston, Asheville, Savannah, and Jacksonville, she put a brush to canvas choosing oils as her medium. Melinda creates her abstract paintings using color, texture and balance to interpret the emotional highs and lows of life. She listens to a variety of music as she works, using it as a backdrop to dictate each work’s movements. Her passion for gardening distinctly influences her palette. She is self-taught and adventuresome with an energetic style. Born and raised in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, Melinda has called Jacksonville, Florida her home since 1998. She paints in her studio in Murray Hill.

Melinda was a featured artist in the Riverside Fine Arts Concert Series in 2016. She served as the Artist-in-Residence for the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville's 2017-18 season. During her residency, she translated compositions performed by the Civic Orchestra onto canvas. Her works were displayed at the receptions following the concerts.

Melinda worked with the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville to develop their educational program reaching out to the elementary school students in Duval County. The program is designed to connect music and visual art. Now serving as Educational Coordinator she visits various schools teaching the students abstract painting techniques while they listen to music. Their work is then displayed at the concerts.

Having previously served as an intern at a local Jacksonville farm, Melinda began working as a gardener and gardening consultant. This new adventure often led to traveling without her paints and studio accessible. As a way to continue her art practice while on the road tending to plants, she began to explore drawing--choosing micron ink pens and a myriad of straight edges as well as other drawing tools to create her black and white geometric drawings. These have become her primary focus as of late!